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Proagrica and Dacom Farm Intelligence have announced their collaboration to bring smart farm management and unique hardware products to the agriculture market with immediate effect. This will result in a unique combination of hyper-modern farm management software linked with expertise in the agricultural sector that has spanned more than 100 years.

Proagrica, which publishes Farmers Weekly and the Dutch weekly Boerderij (since 1915) among other titles, also operates Farmplan and Gatekeeper software. At the end of last year, Proagrica acquired F4F, which brings proven integration technology and data analytics platforms to the agricultural supply chain. The strategic partnership with the Dutch company Dacom Farm Intelligence will expand its capability in farm management software and data solutions outside of the UK.

According to Janneke Hadders, CEO of Dacom Farm Intelligence, “Dacom has been developing innovative and pioneering technologies for the agricultural sector for over 30 years. We bring together the world of data collection and the use of that data for specific advisory purposes. Data-driven decision making is the future for agriculture, and developments in that sector are moving rapidly. The partnership between Proagrica and Dacom will enable the use of data-driven advisory services to be accelerated. This will allow us to significantly improve our advisory services and enable us to offer growers even better solutions to help farmers deliver real farm efficiency improvements.”

Casper Niesink, Managing Director, Software and Media at Proagrica, added “The partnership with Dacom fits perfectly with the strategy we are implementing at Proagrica. We are focussed on helping farmers deliver real on farm efficiency savings through evidence-based production, and smart technology solutions fit perfectly with this aim.  We are looking forward to working with our colleagues across both businesses to ensure the agriculture industry has the tools it needs to deliver food sustainably and efficiently”.