DBT became part of Proagrica in 2015, bringing expertise in systems and data integrating for the animal health industry. DBT enables your business to make real-time, informed decisions through a range of solutions covering data integration, applications for customer reminders, ecommerce, order management, rebates, loyalty and more.

DBT operates as a global technology business specialising in animal health and agriculture. Through intelligent, integrated solutions, customers can realise business efficiency and growth using enterprise quality applications, precision data integration and digital marketing to give our clients the competitive edge they need.

DBT will now be known as simply Proagrica, combining their strengths and knowledge to deliver unmatched capabilities in data, analytics and workflow tools to create innovative solutions that will help grow your business.

We have been integrating systems and data feeds in the global agriculture supply chain for over 20 years. Connecting internal management systems that didn’t previously ‘talk’ to each other, standardizing processes that suffered from duplication or delay and pioneering new technologies that connect systems and processes.

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