SST Software – Proagrica

SST Software became part of Proagrica in 2018, bringing expertize in the application of geospatial data to the Proagrica portfolio. SST Software provides desktop, mobile and web solutions that enable intelligent agronomic decisions, simplify recommendations delivery and ensure precision applications. With the industry’s largest standardized data set, SST’s solutions are uniquely positioned to connect dissimilar agronomic data and deliver high-quality consumable output.

SST Software has been serving the farming industry for more than 20 years, with headquarters in Stillwater. Since its inception in 1994, SST has been at the forefront of precision agriculture as one of the first pioneers of the industry. Its success is largely accredited to its unique approach of viewing what occurs on the field as a spatial problem with an agronomic application. This approach guided the development of applications such as SST Summit, FarmRite, Sirrus and SST Analytics.

SST Software will now be known as simply Proagrica, combining their strengths and knowledge to deliver unmatched capabilities in data, analytics and workflow tools to create innovative solutions that will help grow your business.

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