The most powerful data insight platform for the agri-food supply chain

Agility is the most powerful data insight and analytics platform for the agri-food supply chain. Integrating, enriching, cleaning and delivering accurate and timely data from multiple trusted sources, the platform can also integrate with customer’s own systems such as ERP, supply chain management and finance systems providing insights to educate and inform business decisions.

From farmers, with their advisors and suppliers, becoming more productive and growing higher quality and more profitable produce, to processors seeing greater profits through more efficient factories and logistics operations, Agility has the capability to help change the supply chain like no other platform.

All areas of the supply chain can benefit from the Agility platform, from input manufacturers, to retailers and grocers.

With Agility you will be able to see:





Agility data includes:

Farmer practices

Permissioned operational data from farmers collected from farm management systems

Farmer/location environmental conditions

From third parties, including but not limited to weather, soil and machinery interface data

Years of historic data

To enable trend analysis and identify risks and opportunities

Watch groundbreaking data in motion:

As part of Reed Business Information (RBI) and RELX, we have proven expertise in providing trusted insights, data and analysis to major sectors including petrochemicals, fertilisers, banking, aviation, property and human resources.
Now, Agility is doing the same for the agriculture sector, with Proagrica data scientists integrating, cleansing, enriching and forming meaningful visualisations of the agri-food supply chain.