Syngenta Australia: integration brings efficiency

Syngenta Australia, one of the global leaders in food security and agricultural best practice, with 28,000 people in over 90 countries working to transform how crops are grown, wanted to refine and adapt their systems to increase their own efficiency and add value for their customers.

Syngenta aimed to eliminate unnecessary duplication of tasks and implement a better way to track consignment stock – by fully integrating their systems, Syngenta would be able to stop reliance on manual data, improve productivity and redirect time to better serve the needs of their customers.

The first challenge was the lack of integration for customer orders and invoices. “Customers would enter an order into their system, then they would fax or email the order to us so that we could manually populate our own system before delivery and invoicing,” said Charbel Francis, Agency Lead at Syngenta Australia. “This was a very manual process – too many chances for human error, whether misplacing orders or entering incorrect details, which in turn doubles up the work required by our customers.

The Solution

Proagrica, experts in systems and data integration, delivered a solution that combined extensive integration of customer orders and invoices with their Agency Inventory Management System (AIMS), enabling a more efficient operational system that has delivered value for the company and customers alike. Since implementing their custom solution, Syngenta Australia has seen swift and measurable improvements to their internal procedures and profitability:

•  Orders are automatically populated when placed – no more manual entry, freeing up time
•  Generated invoices delivered directly to the customer via electronic interchange
•  Elimination of human error – huge reduction in misplaced orders or lost stock
•  Strengthened offering for a market seeking customer benefits from their suppliers

Through AIMS, Syngenta Australia also has greater accuracy when tracking stock, greatly reducing lost orders and effectively removing the need to write off consignment inventory. Customers are now able to report sales daily instead of monthly, and integration with their systems provides enhanced sales visibility and better resource management. In addition to improving customer experience, this has helped position Syngenta Australia as established value providers, reinforcing their competitive position in the marketplace.

We have benefitted greatly from this solution,” added Charbel. “With these changes, we can enable better productivity and efficiency, and establish complete customer confidence in our ordering process.

Why choose Proagrica?

Syngenta Australia approached Proagrica because of their reputation as a leading provider of advanced data solutions specifically tailored for the agriculture industry.

Asked about working with Proagrica, Syngenta praised their approach and forward thinking. “Proagrica has come to us with innovative ideas for the future of our business in line with the developing agricultural industry,” said Charbel. “Their solution has primed Syngenta Australia for the future, by making us more efficient, value-driven, and capable of driving profit for both our own business and our customers.

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