DuPont creates a new standard for sales tracking and loyalty management

In 2014 DuPont Crop Protection APAC approached us to tender for a new mobile application that would allow them to track sales from their indirect customers in Asia.

DuPont were already using Proagrica’s Cloud Integration platform for transacting orders and invoices with some of their key customers as well as Proagrica’s Agency Inventory System (AIMS) to manage agency and consignment stock (capturing sales, stock on hand and forecasts). Because of our history in successfully delivering projects for DuPont we were considered a reliable vendor for any new project that needed to be outsourced.

The challenge

For most suppliers operating in Asia, understanding sales, customer loyalty and the remaining inventory out in the field is almost impossible beyond their direct customer base. This is due to the complex distribution chain in many parts of Asia, where multiple levels of dealer and retailer may exist. To improve visibility, DuPont were looking to work with a trusted partner to deliver a smartphone application that could be used to scan product at point of sale and throughout the distribution chain. This sales data needed to be collated, cleansed and standardised before being sent to a separate reporting application to be used by the DuPont customer service team to calculate customer loyalty and customer rewards. In addition to rewarding customer loyalty and encouraging positive behaviour within their indirect customer base, DuPont also wanted a way of guaranteeing all sales were genuine and that no counterfeit DuPont branded product was being sold.

Some of DuPont’s competitors had already implemented loyalty programmes in a small number of Asian countries. These were mainly supported through manual processes and although some had attempted to use technology to track sales or inventory, DuPont were the first Crop Protection business in Asia looking to combine both.

The strategy

DuPont already recognised Proagrica as a valued IT partner with a track record in successfully delivering projects who they could work with to develop their sales tracking platform. Proagrica were an organisation that embraced new technological innovations with an existing and reliable data platform and a unique insight into the agriculture industry. In addition, Proagrica had experience working in several Asian countries and knew what was required for the proposed application to succeed in a challenging but increasingly important market.

The solution

‘Tracks’, the adopted name for DuPont’s loyalty and sales tracking programme, went live with dealers and retailers in Indonesia in September 2015 with a plan to rollout to other Asian countries over time. Throughout the duration of the project Proagrica worked closely with DuPont to ensure they were involved in the development lifecycle and that iterative feedback was captured and fed back into the development process using Agile methodology.


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