Helping farmers improve biodiversity alongside productivity

A major agriscience company has strategically utilized their global presence, vast expertise and extensive resources to help farmers thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Through their extensive portfolio, the company helps farmers maximize their investment through various strategies in order to optimize yield and crop quality.

The challenge

Compiling accurate and up-to-date information on vegetation is essential to ensure an area of land reaches its productivity potential and diversity goals. However, the sheer distance and remoteness of outlying land can mean that established solutions are not economically viable – it’s simply not possible to use those solutions on every acre.

For this key agriscience business, the challenge went hand in hand with helping farmers to improve biodiversity alongside productivity. “We wanted to combat the increase in invasive species seen in recent years, says one Program Leader. “Especially brush and tree species – the reduction in ecological diversity has resulted in a detrimental cycle of habitat degradation and loss of productivity for many land managers.” In particular, the goal was to avoid the following negative effects resulting from the constraints of their original systems:

  • Inaccurate or outdated information
  • Unchecked increase in invasive species
  • Land failing to achieve optimum ROI

The strategy

Many of the logistical barriers to delivering support could be removed by utilizing recent developments in technology. By looking in detail at the vegetation species in place and pulling together other environmental information such as soil health, an advanced data solution could offer a complete and intuitive summary of the land, with insight on the best course to reap the optimum returns on investment. In particular, a solution that offered the following was necessary:

  • Real-time connectivity
  • Accurate information capture
  • Geospatial data working in tandem with specific ranch data
  • Easy generation of visual aids
  • Intuitive user interface

The solution

Proagrica, as a global provider of digital connectivity for the agriculture industry, was approached to implement a system that could collate, communicate and visualize all the information required by land managers. “We needed to move the data and make it seamless and painless, taking large volumes of information distilled with a high level of technical expertise that delivers a straightforward plan of action in an easy to use format,” says another key figure in the business.

With its unique connectivity platform, Proagrica enabled an architecture of sharing geographical data coupled with specific ranch data in an organized fashion, before deploying this out to the ranch owner through an intuitive and simple user interface.

In addition to its inherent understanding and expertise in the agricultural industry, Proagrica’s technological capabilities allowed functional implementation at every level, including real-time mapping and interactive bar charts and graphics.

The results

Through Proagrica’s advanced technological suite, the agriscience business has leveraged data connectivity to directly benefit land managers, helping to drive productivity whilst encouraging biodiversity:

  • Comprehensive geospatial land information
  • Real-time visualization of soil health for guided insight on delivering the best ROI
  • Fighting the cycle of habitat degradation

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