Impact Fertilisers works with Proagrica to boost competitive advantage

Founded in 1994, Impact Fertilisers has grown into a leading supplier of fertiliser products and services in Australia, with significant infrastructure and storage capacity to ensure it can meet the needs of the dealer network and its farmer customers.

Since 2010, Impact Fertilisers has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Swiss agri-business Ameropa Group, an international grain and fertiliser trader. They employ over 4,800 people worldwide operating in 31 countries with sales of over 6 Billion Euro annually.

The challenge

Due to difficulties with SAP integration and the complexity of the order2cash processes in the fertiliser sector, Impact’s previous efforts to implement an online ordering portal had failed. This task required industry experts. So, understandably, Impact were cautious when revisiting portal solutions. The key drivers to partnering with Proagrica were knowing the organisation embraces new technological innovations, a reputable and proven order management portal, proven integration with SAP and a unique insight into the agriculture industry and fertiliser sector, enabling a true partnership.

The strategy

Since inception in line with Impact’s forward thinking approach, Bluey (Impact Fertilisers’ e-commerce portal) has evolved, an iterative process based on customer needs to improve the user experience. Enhancements include;

  • Improved online booking with the ability choose a pick up site, determine product availability and select time slots to match
  • Added flexibility – the ability for dealers to create a new contract using raw materials from existing contracts.
  • Ability to synch price updates from SAP – handy with 6000+ products, 17 sites and regular price updates due to currency fluctuations. The dealer knows the price they see is correct.
  • Ability for Store managers to manage their own users.– e.g. the Landmark or Elders store manager can add and remove his own store staff without involving Ameropa or Proagrica – flexibility.
  • Ameropa has the ability to perform a wide range of portal administrative tasks themselves “self-service” for internal users as well.

The solution

Impact have traded electronically with their key customers through Proagrica’s Network to reduce processing errors, administration costs and increase delivery visibility for many years. In 2014 Impact Fertilisers recognised that introducing an online portal for all customers would significantly improve their competitive position in the fertiliser market. The crux of the need was achieving high internal operating inefficiencies and addressing customers’ 24/7 needs.

“One of the primary reasons Impact decided to partner with Proagrica to deliver an e-commerce solution was their existing agribusiness network. Having this framework and building on top of it meant that we could significantly reduce the total cost of investment required to deliver Bluey and have confidence that the framework was stable and proven. We knew partnering with Proagrica would enable us to deliver further enhancements as our customer needs and market requirements changed. “

Geoff Pelizzo, General Manager Commercial
Ameropa Australia Pty Ltd


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