The Power of Data Integration

Join us Thursday, November 30th at 12:00 PM (CST) to discuss the Power of Data Integration  

In this exclusive webinar, we will explore the transformative new partnership between Proagrica CDMS and Lexagri, a FoodChainID company.

Join our panel, Olivier Flandre Deputy Managing Director, Lexagri, Samantha Murray, Director of Global Data Management, Proagrica/CDMS and Scott Mueller, EVP Proagrica/CDMS, as we discuss strategies you can employ to overcome outdated, inaccurate or non-compliant data. We take a look at interoperability across systems and platforms, and how you can leverage crop input data through API connectivity to add value for your customers and enhanced credibility for you.

Our combined approach supports farm and food tech providers (Integration Partners) in driving efficiency and better decision-making. We aim to enable our customers to streamline fragmented data sources in the agriculture industry, reduce data errors and enhance performance tracking. Our collaboration offers the market internationally standardized product data fostering global platform development opportunities whilst enabling a simplified approach to compliance management.

Date and Time: Thursday 30th November at 10:00 AM (CST) 

Duration: 1 hour 

Hosted by:  Angus Chalmers – Managing Director, RDP 

What we’ll be covering:

  • Welcome and introduction from our host Angus Chalmers 
  • Scott Mueller and Olivier Flandre reflect on the current marketplace issues, the partnership, and the value of integration. 
  • Questions from the host to the Panel: 
    • Topics to be covered include the strategy to overcome issues related to non-compliant data, guidelines, key takeaways for the development of a platform for crop input data, as well as how crop input data standardization and consistency can boost partner credibility 
  • Live Q&A session  

Find out more about our guest speakers:

Scott Mueller (EVP Proagrica / CDMS)

Scott has worked as the Executive Vice President of Proagrica/CDMS for the past twenty-four years. Scott has experience in the data, technology, and software industries as well as a foundation of sixteen years in the manufacturing sector. As EVP he is a leader in managing highly effective teams, strategic thinking, exceeding financial results, business and partnership development, as well as marketing and sales. A notable career highlight for Scott was how he created value in data and databases that went on to become the industry standard today. 

Samantha Murray (Director of Global Data Management, Proagrica/CDMS) 

Samantha’s professional journey in the data and agricultural industry commenced thirteen years ago when she joined CDMS. Following CDMS’s acquisition by Proagrica over two years ago, she became the Director of Global Data Management within Ag Solutions.  She oversees the CDMS brand and provides guidance to the Unified Data Team, which manages the maintenance, standardization, and delivery of our extensive global crop input databases. 

Olivier Flandre (Deputy Managing Director, Lexagri) 

Oliver has worked as Deputy Managing Director for Lexagri for the past five years. With a master’s in agriculture and marketing, he has extensive experience in business unit management, market research with a focus on communications and branding, international project management, and customer service for companies within the Ag, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. He is passionate about working with a dynamic international team in the Ag data industry, having worked with top-tier companies as well as start-ups in the space for the past several years. 

Angus Chalmers (Host, RDP) 

Before taking on the ownership and management of RDP in 2005, Angus worked across many sectors of the food supply chain. Following a degree in agriculture, he focussed his career on finance and marketing, working with many large corporate businesses, SME’s and farmers, both in the UK and abroad. His consultancy specialisms include Agricultural Policy, Rural & Sustainable Development, Environmental Awareness, and Management.