360° visibility in practice


360° visibility can bring complete transformation to businesses across the agriculture supply chain. For example, take a retailer customer, specifically a grower:

The grower’s agronomist has stated there’s a risk of infestation in the area, and the farmer needs to protect his crop as soon as possible. He drives up to his local branch to buy the appropriate product – they haven’t got any in stock.

At the customer level, this is not an uncommon occurrence: In the US, only 63.3% of retailers can provide the most basic level of inventory visibility.1

Instead, the grower calls his cousin in the next county and asks them to pick some up from their local retailer.

The problem here is that the retailer can’t correlate those two events. At face value, the grower hasn’t followed the recommendation and the retailer hasn’t made the sale. In reality, they have. The difference is, it’s all just been via another branch.

Everyone in this scenario loses out:

We’re in a position where every link in the supply chain has suffered, even though they’ve often acted precisely as recommended. Having a 360° view of your business and customer isn’t just about being more productive and more informed – it’s about closing that infrastructural loop that ultimately harms profitability.

Data connectivity in this scenario would mean a retailer is more likely to have the necessary stock. It would mean records accurately showing an order placed in line with the agronomists’ recommendation, and the true value of the transaction would be realized.

Imagine knowing how every facet of your business is performing. Imagine knowing what your customers are doing and what they need in real-time, whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer. What would that look like?  Read the free full report to learn more.

1OrderDynamics Omni-1000 Global Research, 2017

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