360° visibility – the future of agriculture

Agribusiness is changing rapidly. Businesses in the agriculture supply chain are beginning to adopt tech solutions at a rapid rate as they connect with more partners than ever and prepare for the future of agriculture.

What’s needed is a universal language – one that delivers real-time integration between the different ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems between multiple businesses.

A significant number of agriculture supply chain businesses still rely on point-to-point network solutions. Although relatively straightforward, this infrastructure is simply not fit for most modern businesses as the number of connections increase exponentially –the possibility of breakdown soars. Point-to-point also lacks a crucial overview of transactions in the network, restricting its usefulness.

The future of agriculture is 360° visibility. A complete connectivity network doesn’t wait for each node in the network to interpret data, at which point decisions are delayed and profits potentially lost. Instead, it’s possible to connect with unlimited partners, with multiple systems. Whatever each partner’s infrastructure, communication becomes possible.

To remain competitive, agribusinesses must utilize new services that straddle the boundary between multiple systems. A connectivity network is able to clean, pool and interpret data from a huge variety of sources.

Imagine knowing how every facet of your business is performing. Imagine knowing what your customers are doing and what they need in real-time, whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer. What would that look like? Read the free full report to learn more.

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