Author: Chloe Kensit-Clark


Benefits of data standardization in the agricultural supply chain

What are the benefits of data standardization across the agricultural supply chain? The use of data – and thus data standardization – is one of the leading drivers of change in the agriculture industry. Data in the 21st Century is already becoming the world’s most valuable resource, comparable to oil in the 20th Century, according […]

Unlocking the value from your sales data

Data is critical for any sales organization. From determining the size of the potential market for your product or service, to identifying who are, or should be, your best customers, good, accurate sales data is critical. Without reliable sales data, your marketing team may be focused on the wrong sectors, your sales teams spending too […]

Summit supported file types

Supported Import Formats: Yield John Deere GS3 John Deere GS2 John Deere Original (GSD or GSY) Case IH Case Voyager 1 Case Voyager 2 Enalta (XML and TXT) AgLeader (TXT, ILF, YLD, AGDATA) Agco Fieldstar II Raven (JDP, JDF, JDP.ZIP) Trimble XML Precision Planting YieldSense As-applied: Agleader (ILF or AGDATA) Del Norte John Deere GS2 […]


Summit Version History 2020 Summit Version 8.5.3 \\ Released: March 27, 2020 NEW FEATURES: Sync As-Applied Added support to sync As-Applied data via agX Sync API. Benefits include, but are not limited to, improved resilience and reliability Bugs Fixed: Setup Combine Fields Fixed an issue where the Combine Fields action might take more time than […]

Sirrus version history – web

iOS | Web | Android Sirrus web Dec. 17, 2019 Update Highlights Crop Placement This new tool makes the task of placing crops more efficient, and lets you avoid making separate spreadsheets for crop assignments. Use historical cropping records to make decisions on the current season, and take advantage of new features like trait packages for […]

Sirrus version history – iOS

iOS | Web | Android Sirrus 5.3.1 \\ Released: June 5, 2020 Bugs fixed:  Fixed an issue preventing users from selecting a future Imagery Enrollment date. Fixed an issue preventing a newly created field from being enrolled before it had been synced to the server. Fixed an issue preventing Activities from syncing due to the […]