Author: Emilee England


Proagrica launches Sirrus Suite to extend collaborative agronomy functions across devices

Stillwater, Oklahoma – 26 July 2021: Proagrica, the largest technology and data business serving the global ag market, has launched the Sirrus Suite of products for farmers and agronomists. This extends the functionality beyond iOS, to also include Android (currently available in beta) and to a new web app. The Sirrus Suite manages in-field agronomy […]

The evolution of agronomic practices

As the trade of farming has increased its footprint around the globe, the need for information about crops, soil and weather patterns has increased, as well. This need for information and scientific understanding led to the creation of the agronomist role. Traditionally, agronomists work together with growers, providing information to help care for plants and […]

The dangers of data visualization and BI tools in ag retail

Technology innovation is driving a rapid pace of change within agribusiness around the globe. Data is abundant in agriculture, but it isn’t always put to best use. How to improve this situation naturally invites questions, such as: What is the right technology for our business? What data should we be collecting? How do we best […]

Sirrus version history – Android

iOS | Web | Android   Sirrus Android 0.5.0 \\ Released: May 3, 2022 Update Highlights:  Soil Sampling Sync & View Users can now sync and view their previously collected grid and zone soil sampling jobs. These will appear in their respective job states of Recommended, Approved, Rejected, Planned, Work Order and Work Record. Users […]