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Improve supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction with 3PL integration

Glen Andrews, Regional Director Asia Pacific, shares his thoughts on the opportunity that 3PL integration presents to improve efficiencies and increase customer service. Agribusinesses have intensified focus on efficiency in recent years. Action on supply chain efficiency was needed before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it is more necessary than ever. Businesses have had to absorb […]

Proagrica and Agro EDI Europe announce strategic partnership to facilitate traceability and data exchange

Proagrica and Agro EDI Europe announce that they have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement to integrate Agro EDI Europe standards into the international traceability and data exchange platform Agro CloSer. Proagrica, a specialist in connectivity and data integration, and Agro EDI Europe, an association in charge of the organisation and standardisation of digital data […]

Understanding the rebate landscape

Rebates are a common theme amongst most companies. Sellers and buyers alike are well versed in the age-old business principals enshrined in rebate programs. The principal is relatively simple – sell more to get more. Whether that is through the promotion of new products or incentivized pricing, it is a pretty-straight forward concept. We have […]

How a customer portal builds repeat business for your rebate programs

Profit from loyalty Rebate programs are extremely valuable. They incentivize your customers to sell product. Well-managed programs can build customer loyalty for your business while promoting mutual, financial growth. Focusing on the retention of customers and the repeat business they bring is a smart strategy. In fact, statistics show that “80% of future profits come […]

The struggles of analysis and forecasting with incentive programs

Many organizations have adopted some form of an incentive program to capture and retain customers. Point systems with associated rewards abound for everything from travel to coffee consumption. While rebate promotions for the general populous are usually straightforward tiered levels, enterprise-focused programs can get immensely complex, with multi-year rollovers and inter-product dependencies. Nowhere is this […]

Mobile inventory management systems: a guide for businesses in the supply chain

We previously examined how Elders, one of Australia’s leading agribusiness retailers, implemented digital connectivity to transform their inventory management, combining stock movement and data management to deliver more efficient transactions for both Elders and their suppliers. After numerous requests for more information, we decided to examine the functions, realities, and benefits of an integrated inventory […]

Sirrus version history – Android

iOS | Web | Android   Sirrus Android 0.5.0 \\ Released: May 3, 2022 Update Highlights:  Soil Sampling Sync & View Users can now sync and view their previously collected grid and zone soil sampling jobs. These will appear in their respective job states of Recommended, Approved, Rejected, Planned, Work Order and Work Record. Users […]

Sirrus version history – web

iOS | Web | Android Sirrus web 1.2 \\ Released March 24, 2022 Soil Sampling Jobs Import soil sampling point shapefiles: Users now have the ability to import their Soil Sampling shapefiles to their fields. Simply click the ‘+’ icon in the header to access the import. The import functionality supports point-based shapefiles only. Soil test results […]

Sirrus version history – iOS

iOS | Web | Android Sirrus 5.9 \\ Released: November 30, 2022 Update Highlights: Irrigation Refactored Collection UI Irrigation collection data is now listed in a single form A new ellipsis menu contains the following options: Customize Job Collection and Settings Manure Refactored Collection UI Manure collection data is now listed in a single form […]