Choosing a strategic development partner to build a rebate solution

The Challenge


Rebate management and animal health expertise: Why an animal health pharmaceutical manufacturer chose Proagrica

In the world of animal health pharmaceuticals, managing and maintaining a rebate program can be a behemoth task in the best of circumstances. The numerous and complicated challenges of managing all the data involved from beginning to end can have detrimental consequences for both the manufacturer and payees if things go wrong. Therefore, having a reliable, flexible, and scalable rebate solution designed specifically for the animal health sector is a top priority for many large, global pharmaceutical manufacturers.

One such global manufacturer faced this dilemma recently. Trying to adapt an unwieldy human health rebate system to serve the needs of their animal health rebate program was producing sub-par results. They knew they needed their own rebate tool. To discuss a solution, they turned to Proagrica since a prior working relationship had been successful.

The Problem

A human health rebate system unable to support animal health rebate complexities

The special needs and requirements of a rebate tool for animal health pharmaceutical manufacturers differs substantially from those of a human health system. Rebate processes vary widely between the two sectors.

Animal health sales data typically arrives from multiple external and internal sources, frequently in different formats. Managing this master data and calculating who is owed what within an unsuitable legacy system not specifically designed to handle such complexity creates inefficiencies, problems, and revenue loss.

With data filtering through an unaccommodating rebate system, the environment is rife for many time-wasting excursions ‘down the rabbit hole’ searching for data errors, sometimes after the fact, when damage is already done.

Consider the complex selling channels: Wholesalers, veterinarian corporate groups, independent veterinary practices that may have sub-veterinary practices, or buying groups where members come and go on a monthly basis.

Once rebate calculations are made and payments are ready for distribution, smooth data integration is key. A rebate tool designed for global purposes may struggle to focus in enough detail on the financial systems of one specific country.

And then, there’s the reporting piece. Can a human health system offer enough flexibility to produce reports specifically tailored for animal health? Can data be easily extracted for analysis by sales and marketing?

These are the issues confronting this particular manufacturer, who’s currently managing their animal health rebate program within an incompatible system. Consisting of two different products not well-integrated, the system has rendered the manufacturer unable to holistically manage their rebate program.

For this reason, manual intervention is necessary by way of spreadsheets, with data then loaded back into the system.

Unfortunately, this practice invites human error, which can result in incorrect rebate payments, lost customers, and lost sales.

“The Proagrica solution provided a continuous road map between sales and rebate calculations.”

The Solution

Partnering with an animal health expert to build a complete rebate management tool.

While this manufacturer had previously worked with Proagrica with positive results, they were also considering a competitor solution provider. For advice, they reached out to a fellow manufacturer for an unbiased opinion. Their opinion? “Go with Proagrica because of their quality of delivery, support, and service.”

Proagrica’s value proposition highlighted strengths that the pharmaceutical company found compelling, including experience providing products to other animal health organizations similar to them. It demonstrated Proagrica’s competency and knowledge in solving the kinds of problems they were facing.

The ability to recognize their problems and articulate them gave credence to Proagrica’s capabilities. And, they noted that Proagrica, having worked with veterinary practices and veterinary buying groups had “visibility from the other side of the fence.” This was very appealing.

As the rebate tool was discussed, the company realized that the solution provided a “continuous road map between sales and rebate calculations.” All the pieces of rebate management were covered under one umbrella.

“Lastly, the scalability of Proagrica’s product was important”. If they purchase the product for the UK, Proagrica can deploy it globally, no matter how complex, and still offer the functionality needed to support it, eliminating the need for multiple rebate solutions.

In summary there were a number of key reasons why Proagrica was chosen as a partner by this global manufacturer:

  • Glowing referral from an industry peer who had previously found tremendous value in Proagrica’s rebate solution
  • Completeness and scalability of the proposed solution
  • In-depth understanding of their specific rebate problems, and a clear plan of action to address and solve the issues
  • The ability to work as a partner, to set a roadmap for future success

“We chose to go with Proagrica because of their quality of delivery, support, and service.”

Animal health pharmaceutical manufacturer

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