Collaborating to drive strategies and success across the supply chain


Across the agriculture industry, each individual element is looking for ways to move forward using today’s technology to survive the emerging challenges. From growing climate issues to growing populations, the entire spectrum of agribusinesses is working to find success in a more complex environment. As technology evolves, there are more opportunities and also more questions. “When you look at today’s technology, the ability to apply integrations and create collaboration creates a win/win across the supply chain,” said Mr. Shawn Peterson, Business Development Lead – Enterprise Solutions for Proagrica.

In every industry, collaboration enables organizations to share information, gain insights and move forward. “Everyone can benefit from more accurate information,” said Mr. Peterson.

Traditionally, collaboration follows a pattern and exists at three different levels – transactional, tactical and strategic. At the transactional level, collaboration is a quick give-and-take. At the transactional stage, collaboration includes the sharing of data and can help partners make more informed decisions. At the strategic stage, partners not only share data, they work together to improve processes, drive planning and they agree to share in a risk/reward.

For the ag industry, there are benefits at every stage when each element utilizes the tools of collaboration and integration:

Benefits to the Growers.

  • Faster and more accurate decision-making
  • Valuable information sharing
  • Lower costs with increased profits
  • Visibility into performance data
  • Improved information sharing
  • Enhanced value in all relationships

Benefits to the Local Retailers.

  • Visibility into customer demand and supplier performance
  • Greater trust with the grower
  • Improved product recommendations based on data
  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved customer service metrics
  • Improved information sharing
  • Enhanced value in all relationships

Benefits to the Manufacturers.

  • Lower out-of-stock levels
  • Lower transportation and warehousing costs
  • Lower inventory levels and higher inventory turns
  • Reduced lead times
  • Improved customer service metrics
  • Improved information sharing
  • Enhanced value in all relationships

Looking forward, the most important aspect of optimizing the agribusiness supply chain will be the ability to create a win/win scenario for every part of the network. Transparency and partnership will be key to future success. “You have to have systems in place that support your goals and give you access to the information needed to make more informed decisions,” said Mr. Peterson. Systems, like the Proagrica Network, give clients the opportunity to work on an integrated platform and to connect with trading partners in order to exchange supply chain data electronically. This ability to connect is key to creating value for all parties. “If you only have access to your own data, or even if you can connect with just one other entity, it limits you. You need access to a range of information and experts who can help you use that data to reach your goals,” said Mr. Peterson. “The Proagrica Network is the one that brings clients together and gives them a safe space to share information.”


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