Connecting smallholder farms and their suppliers in Africa


Smallholder farms represent up to 80% of the food supply in Africa, yet many of those farms lack robust links to their local markets, let alone international suppliers. Within this space, ag retailers and suppliers can offer more.

Data solutions are able to forge and strengthen these relationships in the agricultural supply chain. Businesses in Africa are now able to access technology that can drive a significant step forward in growth and profitability.

Ag retailers and manufacturers in particular are well positioned to take full advantage of connected network capabilities,” said Peter Leppan, Regional Director, EMEA at Proagrica. “This windfall of data now becoming available to the African Union is also providing unprecedented opportunities for business growth in the agriculture supply chain. How do you take advantage of them?

“The answer is connectivity – a solution that links established company systems and data to your wider business network, creating faster access to data, meaning better decisions can be implemented whilst maximizing the impact of real time decision making.  All without the need to worry about compatibility or human error.

The potential applications of integration are as varied as the businesses themselves. Smarter crop growth management is possible by smart use of satellite imaging and soil sensors, and the rise in mobile technology allows synchronised data between farm and supplier that, until now, was impossible. The enhanced visibility provided by integrated data solutions promotes complete traceability and accountability, all while reducing errors and transaction times.

For every business in the supply chain, technological advances and their implementation can result in operations that are more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable.

In its mission to guide the industry towards 100% connectivity, Proagrica aims to cut through the confused discussion and half-measures, proposing a transformative approach to data connectivity that rethinks conventional business practice and system architecture. Although digital solutions and business software for agribusiness have previously been available, Proagrica are the first to offer an entire suite of advanced tech options for the agriculture sector.

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