Data connectivity – what does it mean for animal health businesses?

For businesses in the animal health sector, enhanced data connectivity delivers the right tools to eliminate vague information and arduous communications between different businesses.

For example, consider the capabilities granted to vets if they were able to source data directly from their farmers’ systems. This would help provide more accurate and timely recommendations, whilst simultaneously eliminating the need to ask a huge number of questions over several hours. This also leads to precise guidance – how best to increase farm production by following exact steps. At every stage, this leads to a business interaction that is more unified, more accurate, and more profitable.

Changes like these are not solely based on technology,” said Richard Sibbit, Head of Animal Health at Proagrica. “Big data and analytics are not about hiring hundreds of technology specialists and entirely revamping one’s infrastructure on a largescale. Data connectivity and big data is not just an IT project – it’s a mind-set change, it has to be approached as a revolutionary new business approach that captures real time data and turns it into real-world benefits for your business.

The mindset change comes down to how business approaches data connectivity and big data solutions. There has to be an end to mindless data collection, creating a static silo of information that offers no real benefit. Proagrica’s mindset is one of data consumption – become a data consumer rather than a data collector – your data should work for you.

Integrate your data into your systems, make it as real time as possible, connect the dots between your operations, connect to your customers and supply chain, and your ability to increase productivity and add value increases exponentially.

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