Digital transformation in the agricultural supply chain


The way companies are doing business globally is on a continuous road towards improved efficiency, speed and ease of transacting.

Key to this being possible is the rise of supply chain digital transformation. Across all industries, including agriculture, businesses are striving to improve every transaction and process involved in trading. The overall objective of which is to improve the customer experience. As competitive pressures continue to grow it is key for all businesses to consider how best they can benefit from digital transformation in their supply chain, where efficiencies can be gained in their processes, and how technology can be utilized to improve the customer experience.

Network benefits

Quick, cost effective communication between trading partners is one of the key features of the 21st century business environment. The ability to communicate electronically, efficiently and autonomously with customers and supply chain partners is something that is vital in order to achieve the end goal of customer satisfaction. Proagrica are solely focused on driving forward the digital transformation of the agricultural market. A key element of this focuses on supply chain connectivity between trading partners. Proagrica is already working with agricultural suppliers, manufacturers and distributors globally to implement solutions to improve communication, processes and promote ease of business. By being focused solely on agriculture Proagrica has developed a connectivity network that spans every sector of the market place, and developed solutions that address industry specific challenges. Supply chain digital transformation needs to be embraced by everyone. By working with Proagrica, and connecting with our established network of agricultural trading partners, it could not be easier to start the journey towards digital transformation.

Benefits include:

Connect once to your entire supply chain: With hundreds of supply-chain participants already connected locally and globally, simply connect once and Proagrica can link you to your customers and supply chain partners. This enables every approved participant, no matter how small, to work much more effectively. The flow of data from order processing to fulfilment is automated – eliminating errors, speeding up delivery and reducing costs along the supply chain. Staff are released to focus on improving the customer experience.

Unlock the benefits from enhanced collaboration: Networking does not simply improve existing processes. Businesses can draw-upon the insights available from supply chain partners and identify previously unseen opportunities. These collaborations can encompass new product development, procurement and logistics. Organizations that continually operate in isolation will be outside the learning loop and will fall further behind as clients’ expectations evolve.

Cost-effective, scalable and reliable: By eliminating the requirement for point-to-point connections, Proagrica connects organizations to multiple customers and partners, reducing the cost and ensuring an ease of scalability. Proagrica’s solutions are already in-use, within businesses large and small, across five continents. They are specifically designed for the needs of the agricultural supply industry, and, unlike custom-built systems, are ready to start delivering, bug-free, from the moment they are deployed.

Cloud-based integration: Connecting to the Proagrica network reduces the management of processes, including sending,
receiving, formatting and transforming of messages. It also reduces the requirement of infrastructure or servers – thus
reducing the pressure on internal IT support. The network is also future proof, with constant developments incorporating
emergent technologies.

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