Use your existing farm software tools for CRM data and analytics


CRMs are, for businesses in most industries, key to establishing and maintaining strong visibility on customer relationships, relying on frontline workers (e.g. salespeople) to capture customer data.

In addition to supporting service standards and customer loyalty, a CRM provides a detailed view of commercial operations with insight by sales-team member, customer, region or category.

For agriculture retailers and distributors this is frequently not the case. Agronomists use software tools daily to create recommendations and send data to machinery and many agribusinesses consider it unrealistic to ask these field-teams to use another CRM tool that wasn’t designed for agriculture. As a result – they report having little visibility of practices, customers, relationships and opportunities.

Agribusinesses need a different kind of CRM. They likely already have one. All it requires is a shift of perspective:

“We’re increasingly showing ag retailers that they do have a CRM – they’re just not thinking of it that way,” says Iain Lennon, Director of Product Management at Proagrica. “Agronomists using farming software tools collect customer and opportunity data analogous to that of a CRM. By having the means to extract their own data for analytics, ag retailers can gain crucial insights at team, store and head office level.”

With data automatically synchronized between software used by agronomists and analytic tools for managers, ag retailers can gain deeper understanding into:

  1.  Behavior of agronomy teams as a group of employees
  2.  Behaviors of farmer customers

Analytic insight empowers businesses to have complete visibility of their agronomy team, ensuring they’re exhibiting ideal behavior for both the customer and the business.

Agribusinesses who see value in CRM-style insight on their customers have been held back by the challenge of driving employee adoption of data-capture tools that are not designed with their agronomists in mind. By gaining insight on their already captured data, ag retailers are able to gain the commercial value of CRM but without the uphill battle of employee adoption.


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