Greater insight through data collection


In this series, we examine the key trends facing businesses in the agriculture supply chain in 2019. Is your business ready? Most agribusinesses are already data rich, whether data is collected passively or with a more dedicated goal in mind.

However, without a clear vision guided by valuable insights provided by that data, agribusinesses are failing to leverage one of their most important assets in a way that delivers value.

Actionable insights represent the apex of any businesses data”, comments Jeff Bradshaw, CTO at Proagrica.

The result of data analytics is key insights which allow organizations to make well-informed decisions. We have entered a period where we have the technology to harness the vast quantity of generated data and we will witness transformational change within connected businesses

What could this mean for your agribusiness?

Once connected, either through internal systems or, for greater impact, through a connected network, data analytics can generate actionable insights and bridge the gap between data and business value.


• Who is your best/worst suppliers?
• How do your stores rank on agreed efficiency measures?
• What is your business’s real time market share and why?

On a wider, cross-supply chain level, data analytics can also supply demand forecasting or pest outbreak alerts ensuring all those involved in the supply chain have the insights to enable optimum efficiency.

Businesses have always made decisions on actionable insights”, comments Jeff, “however we have entered a period whereby data analytics have the capability of transforming whole supply chains, making sense of the data and providing both efficiency gains and new value propositions.”

Why Proagrica?

Proagrica’s global network is focussed solely on agriculture and now spans every sector of the market place as more and more businesses in the supply chain are taking advantage of our innovative solutions and extensive network in the agriculture industry. We connect your business with your partners in agriculture, connecting once for a seamless electronic link to customers and supply chain partners.

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