How to improve efficiency in your business operations


In this series, we examine the key challenges facing businesses in the agriculture supply chain, and the benefits gained by adopting digital systems.

The problem

Businesses relying on manual operations devote extensive resources towards re-keying of customer information into the company ERP (enterprise resource planning) at the best of times, without considering the loss of productivity as a result of human error. For example, one study by the Australian government estimated up to 30% of invoices contain incorrect information, highlighting just how prevalent this can be in business transactions.

The solution

Automating the customer order process helps to relieve pressure and improve efficiency in both the long and short-term. In the short-term, automated orders are much more efficient to process, saving on both required entry time and the time necessary to resolve any problems arising from human error. In the long-term, the gain in resources can be redeployed towards areas of the business that add more value, promoting growth while cutting down on unnecessary “busywork”.

The results [1]

A report published by respected research company Gartner found that the cost of processing invoices is reduced by anywhere from 70% to 90% when done electronically. A study undertaken by retailers Landmark and Elders also found a saving of $18 per transaction.

Naturally, there are additional benefits that aren’t as easily measured: freeing up valuable time or the ability to grow without increasing staff numbers, for example. Proagrica has collaborated with businesses across the supply chain, helping them to refine their processes to ensure optimal efficiency and, ultimately, a more profitable business.

Why Proagrica?

Proagrica is the first international provider of these connectivity solutions specifically for the agriculture industry. Our industry knowledge means we understand the pain points and challenges across the agricultural supply chain, which, combined with the tech expertise and resources of RELX, uniquely position us to work with businesses to solve those problems.

We connect your business with your partners in agriculture. More and more businesses in the supply chain are taking advantage of our innovative solutions and extensive network in the agriculture industry, so the benefits provided by data exchange will only grow.

[1] All prices converted to USD

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