How to increase customer loyalty


In this series, we examine the key challenges facing businesses in the agriculture supply chain, and the benefits gained by adopting digital systems.

The problem

Businesses in the agriculture supply chain actively seek to offer excellent customer service while remaining competitive. However, the rise of online business and generic providers has led to many customers choosing their supplier based primarily on cost over any other factor. This shift in the marketplace highlights the need to offer a full, value-adding service in order to improve customer retention and loyalty.

The solution

Agricultural companies can extend their competitive advantage by integrating electronic transactions into their existing systems, and therefore offer an efficient, quick, and easy-to-use service for their customers. Rather than acting as mere suppliers, businesses must reposition themselves as invaluable partners, capable of providing an automated order process with live updates and real-time status information.

The results

McKinsey, the global management consulting firm, has suggested that customer satisfaction leads to direct and measurable improvements to profitability, with good customer satisfaction rates seeing reductions of 10-20% in cost to serve and up to 15% growth in revenues.[1]

Proagrica has already worked with businesses across the supply chain, helping to integrate workflow and internal systems in order to better drive customer loyalty. Despite a turbulent marketplace, agribusinesses are well-placed to embrace technological innovation and enhance their offering.

Why Proagrica?

Proagrica is the first international provider of these connectivity solutions specifically for the agriculture industry. Our industry knowledge means we understand the pain points and challenges across the agricultural supply chain, which, combined with the tech expertise and resources of RELX, uniquely position us to work with businesses to solve those problems.

We connect your business with your partners in agriculture. More and more businesses in the supply chain are taking advantage of our innovative solutions and extensive network in the agriculture industry, so the benefits provided by data exchange will only grow.


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