Innovative data solutions key to transforming global agriculture


Proagrica, part of RELX Group, earlier this year acquired US-based precision agriculture solutions company, SST Software, in a move set to transform global data capabilities and decision making for agriculture retailers.


Matt Waits, CEO of SST Software, has hailed the acquisition as instrumental in delivering future productivity gains for the entire supply chain. “In Proagrica, we have found an independent partner that has the vision and means to enact our ambitious strategies for strengthening agronomist-to-grower relationships,” said Mr. Waits. “Now that we are one company, we will be working to connect the supply chain for the benefit of all parties.”

What does this mean for our customers?

Proagrica represents a truly independent offering to the market, unlocking the value of data through seamless and trusted integration across the agricultural supply chain. The combined offering of Proagrica and SST brings opportunities to all participants in agriculture.

“Integrating the SST and Proagrica solutions is the first priority,” said Mr. Waits. “However, it is critically important that we tightly interface with other solutions providers in the market as well. Proagrica’s integration framework links these solutions together, giving all levels of management within a company the necessary oversight of their data to best run their business. “

There has been a major disconnect at the ag retail level between business solutions, back-end agronomy information, and precision ag tools. Mr. Waits is aware of these issues across the global supply chain and asserts that Proagrica’s mission grants unparalleled connectivity: “Our solutions unify retailers, growers and agronomists under a centralized data hub. This is vital, not only for boosting efficiency and profits, but for industry and business growth across the world. Proagrica is strong in the UK, Europe, Australia, and South Africa, and SST is strong in North and South America and Australia, so by combining forces we will be able to stimulate change globally.

Tackling Issues in the industry

Over the last two decades, SST Software have become recognized as leading experts in structuring and managing data for the agricultural industry, with widespread usage of applications such as SST Summit and Sirrus. Proagrica, experts in systems and data integration, are committed to delivering an integrated and collaborative supply chain for the agriculture industry, with data-driven support solutions and actionable insight to drive business growth.

The future for data

Mr. Waits sees Proagrica’s integrated data solutions as more than just innovative – they’re essential. “Data is going to impact agriculture more than anything else in the 21st century,” said Mr. Waits. “Farmers will use their data to apply the right products, at the right rates, and at the right time; distributors will use data to properly buy inputs and to position them properly; manufacturers will use data to improve the way they manufacture and recommend the use of their products.

“Today, as an industry, we are collecting data at a hugely increasing rate,” Mr. Waits added. “Currently, however, I would say 90% of the collected data is wasted by not using it to guide decision making either on the farm or higher in the supply chain. Despite advancements in electronic communication across agriculture, the uptake of integration technology has been relatively slow, largely due to lack of trust between participants, and the lack of standards around data management.”

Proagrica and SST believe that farmers, agronomists, and everyone in the supply chain should own and control the data they collect but capitalize on each other’s strengths to interpret and execute plans based on that data.  Mr. Waits extended an invitation on behalf of Proagrica and SST to those in the agricultural industry to benefit from the opportunity this global transformation presents: “Our solution makes data work for you. For our customers, this means a significant step forward in business intelligence and analytic insight, with the capability to transform business for the ag retail sector and all within the supply chain.”


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