Intelligent Customer Service – Let’s focus less on putting out fires, more on delivering great service

Customer service, as it currently exists in agri-business, is broken. How can agri-businesses make promises to their customers when there’s no solid foundation of provable information on which to back those assurances?

Sales teams, naturally, focus on making a sale – even if the product is ultimately unavailable. Without real-time reporting of stock inventories and locations, salespeople are not privy to the latest accurate information, through no fault of their own. Even at first glance this is costly and detrimental to business, but the consequences can be severe and far-reaching:


According to McKinsey, the global management consulting firm, good customer satisfaction rates will drive reductions of 10-20% in ‘cost to serve’ and up to 15% growth in revenues.1

A 360° overview granted by data connectivity lets agri-businesses prioritize delivering customer satisfaction and driving loyalty.

Imagine knowing how every facet of your business is performing. Imagine knowing what your customers are doing and what they need in real-time, whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer. What would that look like? Read the free full report to learn more.


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