Invoicing – what a 360° view means for your business

The standard procedure for agri-businesses processing their transactions is to re-key orders submitted via email into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

With this comes multiple risks: human error can have potentially costly ramifications and easily go undiscovered, draining resources and costing customer trust.

These benefits then affect the wider industry. By better managing rebates and encouraging retailers to sell certain products, business have a clear view and can drive customer behaviour. In turn, this helps ag retailers deliver better management of their agronomists, supporting them with a suite of products and knowledge informed by crop insight, product availability and what needs to be sold.

An agri-business that embraces a truly 360° view of their invoicing process can access the full benefits granted by data connectivity to drive smoother transactions and greater revenue.

What does that look like? Transactions placed in the full knowledge that the stock exists and is available. Orders updated in real-time as the status changes. A 360° view creates an order process that is more streamlined and valuable for the customer, and much more efficient for the supplier – with one supplier who adopted Proagrica’s connectivity solutions marking a 31% surge in revenue.

Imagine knowing how every facet of your business is performing. Imagine knowing what your customers are doing and what they need in real-time, whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer. What would that look like?  Read the free full report to learn more.

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