Proagrica and 365FarmNet announce strategic collaboration agreement


Connectivity and data integration experts Proagrica, and established Farm Management System experts 365FarmNet have announced an exciting new strategic data connectivity agreement that will, as a first priority, enable connection of machinery operation data into 365FarmNet’s customer portals.

The exclusive agreement sees two of the worlds most experienced agri-data companies join forces to heighten and simplify farmer experience, demonstrating technical capability at a level never seen before in agribusiness.

As farming and machinery has become ever more sophisticated over recent years a number of consoles have appeared, managing ever-increasing capabilities between tractor and implement. This added complexity, while valuable, creates data transfer issues.

Previously 365FarmNet has provided farmers with business information clearly set out in a single programme, this new collaboration with Proagrica will enhance this offering by facilitating the seamless inclusion of machinery operation data into the programme.

“Imagine it’s possible for farmers to simply take their operation data back into the office, plug in and then ‘send and forget’. Our technology does the data transformation and delivers the operation data to 365FarmNet,” says Graeme McCracken, Managing Director at Proagrica. “We have drawn on our 20 years of connectivity and integration experience alongside huge knowledge gained in developing Gatekeeper, the UK’s leading arable Farm Management System.” Says Mr McCracken, “this solution takes the complexity out of uploading applied field operation data and makes precision farming a seamless and integral part of your day-to-day farm management.”

“We’re really excited to bring this new level of connectivity to our customers,” says Patrick Honcoop, Product Manager at 365FarmNet. “this solution will be compatible with both legacy equipment and newer cloud based systems, allowing all of our customers to take advantage of the data revolution. We’re looking forward to the implementation process and working with Proagrica to provide a farm management solution for all farmers – independent of size or type of operation.”

Sarah Alexander, Arable Commercial Product Manager, Proagrica says “The project will roll-out in Q1 2018 with John Deere and CLAAS applied job data integration. From Q2 onwards we will accelerate the capability to include all of the major machine manufacturers used by 365FarmNet customers.”

Mr McCracken adds, “This is only the start, our long-term vision for this strategic agreement is extensive and may include further connectivity to precision agricultural job data as well as integration with input suppliers and output operators, for example providing supply chain data straight into the 365FarmNet system.”


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