Proagrica and Agro EDI Europe announce strategic partnership

Proagrica and Agro EDI Europe announce that they have entered into a strategic collaboration agreement to integrate Agro EDI Europe standards into the international traceability and data exchange platform Agro CloSer.

Proagrica, a specialist in connectivity and data integration, and Agro EDI Europe, an association in charge of the organisation and standardisation of digital data exchange for the agricultural sector, announce that they have reached a strategic agreement to implement Agro EDI Europe standards in the Agro CloSer solution.

Agro CloSer is an organisation born in the Netherlands in 2019 under the impulse of associations of distributors and crop protection manufacturers in order to facilitate traceability through the agricultural supply chain and to allow a better efficiency of electronic exchanges between partners.

With 20 years of experience in the field, Proagrica has developed this connectivity network capable of exchanging and transforming data from multiple sources, through a solution combining EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology and various portals, all of which integrate seamlessly with each company’s ERP. The Agro CloSer platform is already deployed in several European countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and is now starting its development in France.

The main advantages of Agro CloSer are

  • To facilitate the traceability of products (from their point of origin, their batch number and their manufacturing date)
  • To enable faster communication between manufacturers, distributors and their depots
  • Through an intuitive user interface, compatible with any ERP system and ensuring global data security, each user having access only to his own data

Agro EDI Europe has been working since 1992 to develop standard formats based on international UN/CEFACT standards and user guides for its members. Thanks to this work, the actors of the sector can exchange digital data in a much more efficient way. In particular, the association has defined a single format for the agricultural sector for order flows, order confirmations, shipping notices and invoices, enabling companies to facilitate their EDI exchanges. Agro EDI Europe has also contributed to improving traceability throughout the agricultural supply chain through the SC Trace scheme, which aims to deploy a unique physical identifier and a standard format for data exchanges throughout the supply chain so that the industry can comply with legislation on the traceability of plant protection products.

This strategic agreement sees two of the world’s leading agricultural data specialists join forces to improve and simplify the user experience with a complementary solution that is still unprecedented in the agricultural sector. Thus, the Agro CloSer platform is now able to process data through the Agro EDI Europe format, respecting the SC Trace system, allowing the actors of the sector to integrate the network in a very fast way and at lower costs.