Proagrica extends Advanced Inventory Management system to Europe

After sustained success in South Africa and Australia, Proagrica has launched its Advanced Inventory Management system (AIMS) in Europe. The management solution, which is part of the Proagrica Network, enables an efficient, cost-effective and centralised system that allows both manufacturers and retailers to manage supplier-owned stock across retail networks – encouraging greater visibility and collaboration across the supply chain.

The news will be particularly welcome to larger crop input manufacturers, as it will give them real time visibility of their stock levels. This in turn will help with financial planning and has the potential to help the whole food industry tackle periods of disruption.

AIMS can be accessed through your browser or mobile-based system, by serving sales data that is both accurate and timely it will allow agents and retailers to meet the needs of suppliers through stock management best practice.  The platform also integrates with existing IT systems, such as Point of Sale (POS) or ERP, to eliminate repetitive data entry to synchronise inputs and ensure services align with one another.

AIMS is a secure, invite-only platform, which currently has over 3300 unique registered users across Australia, accounting for more than 1200 sites in the ANZ region alone. This equates to 80% of all sites involved in cropping, horticulture and mixed farming in the country using AIMS with at least one supplier.

Peter Leppan, Director EMEA & Enterprise Product at Proagrica, comments: “The success of AIMS in the Southern Hemisphere, and in particular Australia, demonstrates the value of these types of tools in our sector. Manual management of stock operations is full of potential pitfalls, as such being able to automate inventory and maintain full oversight to make forecasts more accurate is invaluable.

“Transparency and collaboration are key when it comes to ensuring an efficient supply chain. AIMS meets this need over multiple locations and covers all stock, whether that’s seed, crop protection products or fertiliser.”