Proagrica unites to unlock agriculture market potential


Proagrica, the world-leading provider of independent connectivity and data-driven decision support solutions for the agriculture industry, today announced that it will be bringing together its F4F, DBT and SST Software businesses under the Proagrica brand. This comprehensive move will integrate the varied offerings from Proagrica, and in turn deliver more connected solutions for customers.


“This marks a significant step forward for Proagrica and, more importantly, for businesses across the agricultural supply chain,” says Graeme McCracken, CEO of Proagrica. “Our solutions are now more unified than ever, helping to make agriculture more connected and grounded in data and insight. Proagrica offers a truly independent network, enhanced by a range of solutions that helps everyone in Agriculture work more seamlessly together, be more effective and gain more insight.

In recent years, Proagrica has strategically acquired the leaders in the agriculture data transformation market to further their vision for improved integration, efficiency, profitability and insight across the entire supply chain. F4F, the integrated agriculture network and workflow solutions division, DBT, their animal health division and SST Software, the agriculture management solutions division, will now all be incorporated into the new streamlined Proagrica identity.

Proagrica also encompasses industry leading publications, such as Farmers Weekly and Boerderij, as well as farm management software from Farmplan, including GateKeeper. These brands will remain unchanged, a core part of Proagrica, but with their own unique customer and brand identity.

“This is more than coming together under one name. It is about accelerating our focus on agriculture, growing together and uniting all of our products, all of our resource under one brand for the benefit of our customers,” adds Mr McCracken. “Our mission is to enable better decision-making and drive efficiency for all. With this step forward, Proagrica will empower customers to become more connected and profitable than ever before.”


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