Agribusiness in 2019 – connectivity will create a step change in productivity


In this series, we examine the key trends facing businesses in the agriculture supply chain in 2019. Is your business ready?

In general, adoption of digital infrastructure has grown exponentially in multiple sectors. Agriculture has, to a degree, been slower in its uptake. However, the prevalent trend is for this to grow substantially.

Joining a digital network that effortlessly links your established company systems and data to a wider business network, across whole supply chains will be transformative for agriculture” states Jeff Bradshaw, CTO at Proagrica.

What could this mean for your agribusiness?

Connectivity can deliver huge benefits to your business. Here are just a few:

1. The ability to communicate instantly, efficiently and autonomously with customers and supply chain partners – vital for customer satisfaction

2. Reduce inefficiency – Businesses relying on manual operations devote extensive resources towards maintaining their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), without taking into account the loss of productivity caused by human error or oversight. One study by the Australian government estimated up to 30% of invoices contain incorrect information.

3. Cut costs – One report published by Gartner found that the cost of processing invoices is reduced anywhere from 70% to 90% when conducted electronically. A study undertaken by retailers Landmark and Elders found an actual saving of $18 per transaction.

4. A unified view of the customer – Maintain a consistent real-time overview of each customer through multiple divisions, including finance, CRM and logistics. This single source of information creates powerful opportunities for productivity gains across the whole supply chain, as inefficiencies are removed and resources are dedicated towards creating the greatest value.
“The impact of this digital transformation for individual businesses, sectors and global trade is only just being seen, the opportunities for efficiency and adding value are enormous,” concludes Jeff.

Why Proagrica?

Proagrica’s global network is focussed solely on agriculture and now spans every sector of the market place as more and more businesses in the supply chain are taking advantage of our innovative solutions and extensive network in the agriculture industry. We connect your business with your partners in agriculture, connecting once for a seamless electronic link to customers and supply chain partners.

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