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Sirrus web Dec. 17, 2019
Update Highlights

Crop Placement

  • This new tool makes the task of placing crops more efficient, and lets you avoid making separate spreadsheets for crop assignments. Use historical cropping records to make decisions on the current season, and take advantage of new features like trait packages for easily selecting your varieties.

Crop Placement allows the user to:

  • Allocate crops using historical cropping records.
    ·Isolate fields with a specific rotation for bulk crop placement.
    ·         Utilize trait packages to filter your variety lists.
    ·         Create variable rate planting activities using the Advanced Crop Placement Tool.
    ·         Review historic cropping records for an entire grower or farm.


Sirrus web Sept. 13, 2019 update
Update highlights


  • Yield data is now available in 2D and 3D for comparing yield to additional attributes like elevation.


Sirrus web Aug. 15, 2019 update
Update Highlights


  • Users will now be able to sync and view their yield data in Sirrus.

Mix Order

  • Users now have the ability to view and edit their mix order in Activity Collection.

Bugs Fixed

  • Improved the experience for building user-defined shortlists.
  • Improved the experience for processing newly created FarmRite fertilizer recs.


Sirrus web June. 27, 2019 update

  • New Activity Collection (Planting, Crop Protection & Fertilizer, and Tillage)
    • Users now have the ability to collect their Planting, Crop Protection & Fertilizer, and Tillage activities.
      • Users will also have the ability to edit existing Planting, Crop Protection & Fertilizer, and Tillage activities.
    • Support for single field and multi-field collection.
    • Split Tool - Allows users to create zones during single field activity collection.
    • Dashboard Mapping Tooltip
      • Added the ability to Edit Fields from the Dashboard Map
      • Added 24-hr Rainfall

Sirrus web March. 25, 2019 update
Update Highlights

  • Viewing and Exporting Activities
    • Users can now view and obtain information about the following activity types: Planting, Crop Protection & Fertilizer, and Tillage. Users also have the ability to export a shapefile of the these activity types.
  • Create Custom Fertilizer
    • User now have the ability to create new custom fertilizers.


Sirrus web Feb. 8, 2019 update
Update Highlights

  • Background Imagery – Replaced Mapbox background imagery services.
    agX Content Request – Users can now request additional agX content.
    Activity Viewing – Users will notice improved performance in processing speed when viewing newly created activities.

New Features

Activities: Plus Button – Moved plus button to improve usability of the application.

• Background Imagery – Replaced Mapbox background imagery services with Azure Maps. Users outside of the U.S. will see more up to date and realistic imagery.
agX Content Request – Allows users to directly request agX content to be added.
Activity List Tooltip – Allows users to be able to view activity names in the event that are too long to fit on the list view.
Weather – Moved weather to header to provide more space for the activities list.

Bug Fixes
• Edit Rights – Fixed an issue where users with edit permissions on a fertilizer recommendation would not be allowed to edit.


Sirrus web Jan. 3, 2019 update
Update Highlights

Add Fields – Single Boundary Import (.SHP; .KML; GeoJSON): Allows the user to import geography from an external sources via browse to file or drag and drop.

Improved Messaging
Initial Login: Users will now be notified that their initial sync may take a while.
Newly Created Recs – Users will now be notified that their recommendation is being processed and will be available soon.


Sirrus web v1.0 ( \\ Released: December 5, 2018
Update Highlights:

Dashboard: Get an overview of your data by using the mapping tool, activities tile and current weather conditions tile.
Add fields: Author new fields easily and quickly using our web drawing tools or by picking a field on the map.
Activities: Visualize your FarmRite Nutrient and Fertilizer Recommendations.
Recommendation Editor: Edit your FarmRite Fertilizer Recommendation OR create a new Fertilizer recommendation from Nutrient Recommendations. (Premium Feature)
Shapefile Export: Export and Save a shapefile of your Fertilizer Recommendation. (Premium Feature)
Syncing: Access to all of your Fields and FarmRite Fertilizer and Nutrient Recommendations.
Settings: Adjust your application settings for Language, Measurement System, Nutrient Profile, and Email Preferences.

New Features:


Map Tile – Provides an interactive map allowing the user to see a spatial representation of their fields. Hovering over the fields will provide the user with the Field Name and area.
Weather Tile – Provides Current Conditions and Historical Rainfall information.
Activities Tile – Provides a list of the users Activities. Currently, only Nutrient Recommendations and Fertilizer Recommendations created in FarmRite are supported.

Grower | Farm | Field Filters: Narrow down your view, to show information only for the Fields that you are working with.

Add Fields

Draw – Allows the user to author new field boundaries by hand drawing or picking a field.
Edit Existing Field - Allows the user to edit existing boundaries that are in their account.

Activities: View and obtain information about an Activity. The user can visualize their Activity on a map with statistics about the layer on the same interface. This also provides an entry point into the Recommendation Editor and Shapefile Export

Recommendation Editor: The user has the ability to make and save edits to their FarmRite recommendations. With tools for adjusting Products and Rates, users can customize their recommendations as they see fit. (Premium Feature)

Shapefile Export: Export recommendations to the controller using the Shapefile export option. (Premium Feature)

agX: Sirrus is agX compliant. Any data created in Sirrus will be accessible by other agX compliant applications such as Summit. In addition, data created in other agX applications will be available here in Sirrus.


Language – Ability to change the language for the entire web application.
Measurement System – Ability to change between English and Metric units for the entire application.
Nutrient Profile – Ability to change the desired Nutrients Profile for the entire application.


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