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Sirrus web 1.2 \\ Released March 24, 2022

Soil Sampling Jobs

  • Import soil sampling point shapefiles: Users now have the ability to import their Soil Sampling shapefiles to their fields. Simply click the ‘+’ icon in the header to access the import.
    • The import functionality supports point-based shapefiles only.
    • Soil test results are able to be ingested through Summit imports or via the soil test import API utilizing the Sirrus mobile barcode report for supporting labs.
    • Once you’ve imported your shapefiles, the sampling job can be viewed in the fields module.

Sirrus web 1.1 \\ Released March 7, 2022

Fertilizer Jobs

  • Create a Fertilizer Job based off on a Nutrient Recommendation: While viewing a Nutrient recommendation in the Fields module, select the ‘Add product’ link in the Layer Information panel to initiate the fertilizer job. Users can then configure their Fertilizer job to their needs.
  • Change the Fertilizer associated to a Fertilizer Job: Users can now update the product associated to a fertilizer job in the Fertilizer Job editor which is accessible via the Fields Module while viewing a fertilizer job.

 As-Applied Jobs

  • As-Applied Viewing: Users can view their Planting, Fertilizer, and Crop Protection as-applied in the Fields module. Statistics for the products and rates are also summarized in the layer information panel.


Sirrus web 1.0 \\ Released September 24, 2021

As-Applied Viewing

Users can view their Planting, Fertilizer, and Crop Protection as-applied in the Fields module. Statistics for the products and rates are also summarized in the layer information panel.

Soil Sampling Viewing

Users can view their Soil Sampling data in the Fields module in Sirrus. A table has been added to allow viewing of your sampling results. Sirrus supports viewing for both point and polygon soil sampling.

Sirrus web 0.1 \\ Released July 20, 2021


Upon initial login, Sirrus will sync your growers, farms, fields, and agronomic data. Sirrus will sync your FarmRite product recommendations & nutrient recommendations, analysis surfaces, and yield. Your sync times will vary based on the volume of agronomic data in your account.

Add field boundaries

Users can author new fields using drawing tools or ‘Pick-a-field’ functionality. Additionally, users can import boundary shapefiles using the import tool.

FarmRite ordering

Users can new FarmRite orders and manage previously placed orders. The dashboard provides a status of your orders and access to manage any issues.

Import Yield and As-Applied data

Users can import Yield and As-Applied data into their account by uploading files for Sirrus to process.

Fields module

Users can view their agronomic data including FarmRite Product and Nutrient recommendations, FarmRite Surface layers and Yield.  Additionally, users can access functionality like the Yield editor, FarmRite Recommendation editor, shapefile exports, and quick reports from the Fields module.

Yield editor

Users can edit their yield data with capabilities for editing Season, Crop, and can apply adjustments to the average, percent, or total yield.

FarmRite recommendation editor

Users can adjust the fertilizer rates in their recommendation by average, total product, total cost and more.

Shapefile export

Users can export a controller shapefile of selected Fertilizer recommendations.

FarmRite recommendation Quick Report

User can create a quick report (pdf) of their FarmRite product recommendations.

Multi-user Support

Users belonging to a multi-user group have access to change the account they are working in through a dropdown in the user menu.


Users can set their measurement system and nutrient profile to provide the proper products and units applicable for their region.


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