The next step in agriculture… actionable insights

With the ability to collect more and more granular and geospatial data, it’s possible to gain levels of insight that can empower agribusinesses.

In addition to having actionable advice, backed by data, new business connections can be made with comprehensive understanding and transparency, changing the nature of business relationships for the better.

Indeed, the scope for benefits granted by data insights appear limitless. Manufacturers can respond to what’s needed downstream in the supply chain, for example, by adjusting R&D efforts and strategizing what needs to go to market in order to meet trends and demands.

From the grower side, farms can examine what they can do to make production more compliant, efficient, and profitable.

Ag retailers can determine their best and worst suppliers, measure and rank stores by agreed efficiency measures, and even scope out their business’ real-time market share – and the limitations holding them back.

“By bringing technical expertise that allows businesses to sit in the data landscape of their trading partners, it’s a small jump to take that data and provide insight and analytics that sets your business apart. Valuable insights come as a by-product of connectivity but are an invaluable consequence that will really drive business innovation.” – Lindsay Suddon.

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