Unlocking the full potential of precision agriculture


In this series, we examine the key trends facing businesses in the agriculture supply chain in 2019. Is your business ready? Goldman Sachs, in their report on the rise of precision agriculture^, project that this technology will occupy 4.5% of the global market by 2020 – roughly double its proportion just five years ago.

The irritating problem is typing data into several different systems,” said Jeff Bradshaw, CTO at Proagrica. “The bigger problem is that the data doesn’t then overlap. What if you could bring those different applications together to do another unique more valuable thing?

What could this mean for your agribusiness?

There is so much software used every day in agribusinesses, all generating huge amounts of data, all working to improve on their particular focus. What if you could bring all this data together, ensure all your equipment talks to each other and then overlay other data?

Examples of data sets that can be unified
• Weather reports
• Soil type
• Disease alerts
• Market demand

The opportunity to overlay multiple data layers and getting that data to the place where value can be delivered represents the holy grail”, comments Jeff. “We have the technologies today to achieve this, but the environment is not connected and where it is that connectivity is being used to solve one-dimensional issues – albeit valued ones. Tomorrow’s precision agriculture can deliver so much more, increasing productivity and delivering environmental and biodiversity benefits – and it really is within our grasp.

Proagrica is on a mission to make precision farming simple, intuitive and connected providing advanced geospatial infrastructure for the integrated precision ag community, working to join products and services together.

Why Proagrica?

Proagrica’s global network is focussed solely on agriculture and now spans every sector of the market place as more and more businesses in the supply chain are taking advantage of our innovative solutions and extensive network in the agriculture industry. We connect your business with your partners in agriculture, connecting once for a seamless electronic link to customers and supply chain partners.

^Goldman Sachs, “Profiles in Innovation: Precision Agriculture”, 2016

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