Empowering global agriculture through integration & data analytics, workflow tools and actionable insights to enhance trading, productivity and compliance.

Enhance trading

Using data to inform business decisions and identify opportunities

Increase productivity

Through operational efficiencies and supply chain management

Ensure compliance

Meeting and demonstrating regulatory and supply chain standard requirements

Solutions for your industry

At Proagrica, we deliver products and services that connect and empower industry participants to address their key needs around trading, productivity and compliance. We have created farm and enterprise-focused solutions for a global community of connected businesses.

Our Farm solutions include the Farmplan farm management software suite, as well as our established media and events brands, Farmers Weekly and Boerderij.

Our Enterprise solutions are built around the key competences of data connectivity and data analytics. Business performance benefits include enhanced supply chain management, supply chain standards compliance, customer insight and engagement, leading to customer acquisition, retention and expansion.

Leverage your data and optimise your business with Proagrica:

Tailored for your business

Working with the entire supply chain, we’re able to offer a range of solutions to benefit your business.


Helping you optimise production practices to yield profitability and ensure compliance

Bringing you the latest news and expert opinions throughout the industry and providing farm management software and tools.


Facilitating an increasingly connected and analytics-driven network of trading partners

Integrating and connecting supply chain systems and delivering independent insights and analytics to enhance trading and productivity.

Trusted by global brands

  • Syngenta
  • BASF
  • CF Fertilisers
  • Frontier
  • Bayer
  • Monsanto
  • John Deere
  • NFU Mutual
  • Zoetis
  • MSD

Open data will help the agricultural industry tackle global issues, such as the growing population, climate change and challenges to energy and fertiliser production

Agricultural markets operate on a globally competitive scale, but to answer the challenges faced across nations – such as feeding the growing population and the increasing cost of production – international data sharing will be required. Data sharing can link those who need information with those who have it, resultin…

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