The most powerful business intelligence platform for arable farming

Agility Crops provides intuitive real-time, in-season analytics from the most reliable dataset available. Agility Crops dashboards are powered by real-time market intelligence, showing trends and product usage across 15 different crop groups including 300,000 hectares of cereals, 100,000 hectares of oilseed rape and 25,000 hectares of potatoes.
Agility Crops enables customers to identify trends, opportunities and threats as they occur through continuous 24-hour updates.

With Agility Crops you can:

Increase market share

by successfully analysing and reacting to competitor performances

IMPROVE sales and revenue

by identifying and acting on key opportunities

increase forecasting accuracy

through the use of historical trends and insights

IMPROVE active data analysis

with interactive tools and dashboards for constant monitoring

Watch groundbreaking data in motion:

As part of Reed Business Information (RBI) and RELX, we have proven expertise in providing trusted insights, data and analysis to major sectors including petrochemicals, fertilisers, banking, aviation, property and human resources.
Now, Agility Crops is doing the same for the agriculture sector, with Proagrica data scientists anonymising, cleansing, mapping, aggregating and forming meaningful visualisations of the adoption levels of farming products.


“Agility Crops provides the largest, broadest and most accurate data in the industry. It’s the closest we can get to actual live data. This is transforming how we approach the market and tailor our solutions to growers and customers actually in season, not ‘for next season’.”

MD, UK Crop Protection Company