Facilitating an increasingly connected and analytics-driven network of trading partners

From corporate systems integration, both on-premise and cloud based, through to supply chain document exchange and collaboration, as a turnkey or Integration as a Service, we have proven technology and robust data management capabilities. Our solutions connect and enable manufacturers, logistics partners, distributors, expert advisors and growers to work more collaboratively and effectively.

Revolutionising the agri-food supply chain, the Agility data analytics platform is currently helping leading, global companies to understand and review trends as they happen, enabling them to make strategic business decisions based on accurate, integrated and enriched data.

Our unique position in the industry and extensive agricultural knowledge enables us to gather data, providing analysis and visualisation to deliver insights, driving the agricultural industry forward.

Our brands F4F and DBT serve their sectors in all areas of integration and connectivity.

A pioneer in the application of geospatial data to agriculture, SST Software provides desktop, mobile and web solutions that enable intelligent agronomic decisions, simplify recommendations delivery and ensure precision applications. With the industry’s largest standardised data set we are uniquely positioned to connect dissimilar agronomic data and deliver high-quality consumable output.