Driving business efficiency and success

Farms and rural businesses not only need to keep records to comply with legislation, they need to track and report on inputs and outputs, analyse performance and identify ways to increase profitability. We deliver the market-leading farm management software, created specifically for the agriculture industry by a team of experts, for both arable and livestock enterprises, as well as accounts software for effective financial management.

Our customers consistently tell us that they need systems that are easy to use, they want someone to talk to if they need help, they want a supplier that they trust and who understands what their challenges are and who strives to deliver what they need. For over 40 years, the Farmplan team have worked with customers, not only to provide them with the solutions that deliver what they need now, but to innovate and develop software that will serve their customers for the future.

Farmplan provides solutions for both arable and livestock enterprises, as well as specialist accounts software to help manage the financial side of the business.

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