Your solution to both in-field mobility and workflow improvement.

Collect and manage data anytime, anywhere, using the Sirrus mobile app. You can work with or without wireless connectivity, and seamlessly sync with agX® – allowing information to be easily shared with coworkers, customers, and other agX®-compliant applications.

The Sirrus web app is accessible from any computer, whether you’re working on the road, in the office, or at home. With its sleek, user-friendly platform, you can easily draw insights from field data, create recommendations, and make sound agronomic decisions.

And since it’s single sign-on, you can log in to either the web or the mobile app with your agX® account information.

Sirrus will take your precision program to the next level by adding in-field mobility and in-office proficiency to your tasks. Whether you’re managing crop establishment, fertility, crop health, or directing a precision ag program, Sirrus has you covered wherever your work is.

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  • Scout crops for pest pressures and easily record and collect observation photos
  • Create and share recommendation from the field
  • Generate PDF reports and share via email or text
  • Soil sample using a grid, zones, or previous soil sampling points
  • View fertilizer and nutrient recommendations
  • Send recommendations wirelessly using Raven Slingshot®
  • Export data as a shapefile
  • Receive rainfall estimates updated to the hour for each field
  • Drive or draw new field boundaries
  • Store and share data securely via the agX® Platform

ACCOMPLISH EVEN MORE WITH SIRRUS PREMIUM! Sirrus Premium unlocks advanced features:

  • Advanced Fertilizer Recommendation Editor – Edit variable rate recommendations by total product or cost
  • Product Labels/SDS – View up to date product information, labels, SDS and store for offline use
  • Variety Tech Sheets – View and share variety traits/information and store for offline use
  • Premium Reports – Beautiful PDF reports that cover your Scouting and Recommendation communication needs
  • Enrol fields to receive in-season imagery for guided crop scouting and recommendation creation


Summit helps turn agronomic data into smart management decisions. With Summit’s data management features, you can create agronomic efficiencies in your program using flexible record keeping all in one location.

Summit is the secure, easy way to organize, synchronize and standardize your precision agricultural data so you don’t have to second guess what was done in the past.

Use Summit Professional with FarmRite to optimize decisions and provide quick and easy service to growers to achieve cropping system goals. Synchronize data with colleagues and other agX® compliant applications.

Key Features:

  • Access/share data.
  • Record keeping.
  • Reporting.
  • Variable rate prescriptions.
  • Export to controllers

Download a free 30-day trial of Summit Basic to begin experiencing a robust all-in-one record keeping and reporting system.

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Recommended System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10 | Compatible with 64 bit systems | 2.5+ GHz Processor Speed | 8 GB RAM | 250+ GB Hard Drive Size | Fast Ethernet LAN






With automation, FarmRite allows you to process more acres and produce cutting-edge information reports while increasing employee efficiency .

FarmRite provides advanced statistical analysis and processes information within minutes to determine inputs, performance and summarize critical information. You can customize and define agronomic equations and brand customisable reports.  Used in conjunction with Summit Professional, FarmRite is the ideal solution for those who want to offer consistent decision-support products across their business with the flexibility demanded by growers.

Key features:

  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Variable rate seeing recommendations
  • Multi-year yield analysis
  • Automated data processing
  • Branded reporting




agX® is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the agricultural industry that provides the necessary geospatial infrastructure for a community of integrated precision ag products and services.

Users with agX® accounts are able to access agX® compliant applications and share data with other agX Connections.

Standardization: In order for multiple applications to collect and share data on a consistent basis, all data must be collected in a standardized format. This standardization includes reference data as well as spatial records, such as field boundaries.

Synchronization: Synchronization with a central data repository ensures that all data collected is in adherence to agX® standards and is available for sharing among agX® compliant applications in a seamless manner.

Automation: Once standardization and synchronization are in place, repetitive human interaction for processing data may be replaced with automated processing of pre-defined tasks.

Communication: Seamless communication is necessary between all users who have an interest on a particular field. This communication is safe-guarded by data-specific permission settings.


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