Precision agriculture

Connecting you to multiple data sources and helping to interpret it; enabling better informed decisions and recommendations


Summit helps turn agronomic data into smart management decisions. With Summit’s data management features, you can create agronomic efficiencies in your program using flexible record keeping all in one location. Summit is the secure, easy way to manage your precision agricultural data so you don’t have to second guess what was done in the past.

Summit is a Windows PC application that includes an enterprise strength local data store to facilitate fully disconnected capabilities and handle large local data stores; up to hundreds of gigabytes.  Users are able to perform all actions while in disconnected or intermittently connected states.  Summit is a .NET application that fully honors all user account controls built into Windows.  Summit synchronizes data with agX utilizing agX Sync and its RESTful APIs all secured by OpenID Connect Authentication and encrypted data.

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Easily manage field data collection anywhere, anytime with Sirrus. Used in conjunction with Summit, Sirrus provides the tools necessary to optimize crop production. Sirrus is a mobile decision support system for precision agriculture. It offers agX data standardization to help you collect data consistently and connect to other value-added services. Sirrus is easy on iPad or iPhone.

Sirrus is a mobile iOS application that enables fully disconnected capabilities.  Users are able to perform all their actions while in disconnected or intermittently connected states.  Sirrus is a SWIFT application that synchronizes data with agX utilizing agX Sync and it’s RESTful APIs all secured by OpenID Connect and encrypted data. Sirrus is fully agX compliant with the complete list of agX content, including the full list of agricultural equipment, practices, and inputs.

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Big data repository with RESTful API interactions utilizing JSON as the data format. All data are both spatial as well as temporal.  All data is managed in a secure fault tolerant environment where data is replicated across multiple storage nodes in real time.  Data is only available to the controller of the data and is secured via encryption and OpenID Connect authentication.  agX is a combination of object store data models and Enterprise Oracle 3NF infrastructures.

Standardization: In order for multiple applications to collect and share data on a consistent basis, all data must be collected in a standardized format. This standardization includes reference data as well as spatial records, such as field boundaries.

Synchronization: Synchronization with a central data repository ensures that all data collected is in adherence to agX standards and is available for sharing among agX compliant applications in a seamless manner.

Automation: Once standardization and synchronization are in place, repetitive human interaction for processing data may be replaced with automated processing of pre-defined tasks.

Communication: Seamless communication is necessary between all users who have an interest on a particular field. This communication is safe-guarded by data-specific permission settings.


FarmRite is the standard for efficiency and quality control. It allows you to process more acres and reports in less time with less stress.

Used in conjunction with Summit Professional (see above), FarmRite is the ideal solution if you want to offer decision-support products. With FarmRite, you get the luxury of automation and customization. Orders are processed quickly in a matter of minutes to help you be more efficient.

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