How can you meet the growing need for traceability in the food supply chain?


Both agriculture and animal health businesses are under increasing pressure, both from legislation, and end consumers concerned with how their food is produced. Complete traceability is the answer, while also keeping you in control of your business. Tracking products across every point in the supply chain, from grower to consumer, is becoming more and more vital.

The ability to see where products originate, what actions supply chain partners have taken, what treatments and chemicals have been applied to what field, when, and at what volume. This type of traceability is being made possible through smart data connectivity, and is becoming the expectation.

For animal health businesses, this also extends to full traceability for drugs and vaccines, promoting reduced antibiotic usage and best practice at every stage for farmers and their livestock.

This means more than instantly accessible and up to date access to all orders passing through the supply chain. It means easily identifiable batches and shipments. It means drastically reducing mislabelling and time spent chasing information. It means greater trust between your business and supply chain partners.

Track products from origin to consumer

Address consumer desire for transparency in the food chain

Easily adhere to, and provide proof of, contracted specifications for produce

Enable transparent interactions between supply chain partners

Have data readily available for compliance and legislative requirements

Trace provenance more quickly in the event of a crisis situation

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Traceability in action


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