3PL Integration

Seamless connectivity that delivers breakthrough performance

3rd party logistics (3PL) transaction volumes are huge and only getting bigger


Supply chain automation and the integration of business processes are areas of technology that have developed dramatically over the last 50 years across many industries. From the advent of barcoding, EDI standards and ERP systems in the 20th century through to more recent technologies concerning big data, analytics and IoT in the 21st century. There is a continuing theme of on-going advancement, and a desire to do things better, at greater speed, with greater reliability and at lower cost.

Proagrica’s 3PL integration solutions can help you achieve greater supply chain visibility and traceability, to help maximize customer satisfaction:

  • Integrating 3PL processes boosts efficiency and accuracy of communication
  • Taking a data-first approach to 3PL partnerships can help embed secure, accurate and rapid transfer of information as a foundation of business processes
  • Integrated 3PL processes enable real-time and accurate visibility of inventory and stock movements
  • Reduce costs by finding and solving inefficiencies and improve the end customer experience


How 3PL integration can benefit your business


Supply chain visibility

Better understanding of stock levels throughout the supply chain

Product traceability

Achieve batch level traceability throughout the supply chain

Customer satisfaction

Meet customer expectations on speed and reactivity

Avoid inventory write-offs

Ensure inventory is accounted for, visible, and viable to sell

Scalability of operations

Better manage seasonal spikes in demand

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3PL integration - key features


Unlock the value of data connectivity, whilst preserving data integrity, security and access control

Logistics messages are standardized meaning 1 consistent data set is provided to your ERP system.

By integrating your logistics operations you can gain improved visibility over operations and business status

Agro Closer responds to growing interest in traceability


Agrodis and Nefyto – collective associations of crop protection distributors and manufacturers respectively in the Netherlands – formed Agro CloSer, a partnership which delivers data connectivity between their members creating significant business opportunities and delivering crucial traceability.

Proagrica implemented a solution which combines EDI (electronic data interchange) and portals, fitting seamlessly within each business’ ERP system, allowing connection between partners and a complete overview of each products’ history.

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