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agX® provides the geospatial infrastructure to power precision agriculture


Spatial data is the foundation from which agriculture is built. By harnessing layers of geospatial data, field specific insights and recommendations can be created. The industry however is being held back by disconnected datasets and a lack of industry standards.

agX® is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for the agricultural industry that provides the necessary geospatial infrastructure for a community of integrated precision ag products and services. The transfer of data from system to system has long been a pain point for precision farming, and agX® ensures all data is both standardized and in sync across compliant users and applications.

How agX® can benefit your business



agX® puts your farm data into a common format so you can collect and share data on a consistent basis between multiple applications.

Central data repository

Ensuring all standardized data can be shared between users. It also provides secure storage and protects against third-party abuse.

agX® APIs

We provide a host of APIs to allow multiple software providers to collect and store data in the same standardized manner as agX®.

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agX® features


agX® acts as a foundation for powering geo-spatial precision agronomy solutions. As such it encompasses a wide range of valuable functionality:

Sync: Enables multiple repositories and apps to maintain synchronization between each other. Provides a common ontology and schemas to define agricultural operations and enforces tabular and spatial rules to ensure quality data collection.

Transform: Converts raw OEM data such as yield, as applied planting, fertilizer, and crop protection applications into fit-for-use datasets.

GIS: Global data processing for analytics and downstream workflows. Performs GIS functions in real time for third-party applications such as splits, unions, intersections, and conversions to WKT.

Content: Provides applications/repositories with standardized reference data so end-users all collect data like crops, crop inputs, weeds, insects, etc. with the same nomenclature and underlying IDs.

Common Field boundary: Provides applications with access to field boundaries within agX® to reduce duplicate geography.

Raster: Provides the ability for imagery acquisition companies to setup SKU's defining AOI's, deliverables, pricing, and acquisition timing for third-party applications to enroll growers, farms, and fields into those services.

Vector tiles: Creates vector tile images from dense geospatial data such as yield and as-applied to enable web and mobile applications an enhanced experience.

Geo Processing: Hosts and executes algorithms to create derivative outputs from geospatial data such as soil samples, yield, elevation, etc. Outputs can include crop input recommendations, indices, multi-year analyses, etc.

Connections: Creates connections between users who may be using the same or different front-end apps and need to share data on common field boundaries.

Proagrica’s agX® can help you answer questions like:


  • How can I extract all of the data collected by any user in my organization in a separate repository?
  • How can I view dense geospatial data in a mobile or web app without consuming all the data storage?
  • How can I make sure that my end users aren’t making duplicate field boundaries within my system?

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