Commercial analytics

Make data driven decisions and unlock previously hidden opportunities

Agility delivers business and customer visibility like never before


Agility Commercial Analytics provides insights into your business and customers, giving you the ability to make data driven decisions and unlock previously hidden opportunities.

  • Would you like to have a complete view of every aspect of your customers?
  • Be able to understand and unlock their full potential and ensure you can maximize their spend?
  • Have reliable insight into what they are buying, and importantly what they are not and identify the biggest opportunities for your sales team to focus their efforts on?
  • Would you like to be able to easily answer questions around forecasting & profit levels, understanding progress against sales targets and be able to benchmark performance?

Powered by Proagrica’s advanced data integration and data science capabilities Agility Commercial Analytics can extract, standardize and combine data from your key systems, and by cleaning and enriching the data, provide a solid foundation for analytical insight and data driven decision making, allowing you to easily answer all of your vital questions.

How Agility Commercial Analytics can help your business


Identify opportunities

Discover previously hidden opportunities to drive revenue

Full visibility

Enable full visibility across every area of your operation

Proactive decisions

Make informed, data driven decision to guide your business towards growth

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Key features


Business intelligence - YoY sales comparisons, sales history, profit margin and forecast tracking, benchmarking

Customer insight - customer segmentation, customer profiling, purchase frequency, customer churn, net customer value

Greater visibility of sales performance, by customer, by sales team

Integrated solution pulling data from your key systems and combining it in to one easy to use platform

Enable proactive decision making by identifying the best opportunities and minimizing risk

Data visualisation through easy to use dashboards with customisable metrics

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Agility Commercial Analytics can help you answer questions like:


  • Who are my key customers and what, and when, do they buy?
  • What is my share of customer spend?
  • Am I in line with my sales and profit targets right now?

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