Compliance solutions

Manage and increase compliance for your customers

Providing an integrated messaging solution that helps drive customer compliance and increased customer loyalty


Communication with your customers, maintaining their loyalty, driving business growth and increasing compliance – it can be a very time consuming and manual process.

Proagrica’s compliance software provides real time reminder services to your customers. It facilitates easy creation of subscription, appointment or product reminders and campaigns to engage with customers in a timely and convenient way resulting in greater loyalty and return visits to the practice.

Reminders can be sent via email, SMS, postcard or push notifications.

The software facilitates call to action – allowing your customers to purchase product online, re-subscribe online, book an appointment online or take action from a push notification into a mobile device.

How compliance solutions can benefit your business



Schedule reminders for a time that suits both you and your customers


Drive engagement and loyalty, increase compliance and subscription levels

Integrated data

Integrate real time live data feeds – set up reminders once and you’re all set!

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Compliance solutions features


Integrate with existing practice management systems / practice management data

Set-up e-mail and SMS templates with customizable templates

Manage messages and message schedules

Flexibility to send campaigns by email, SMS or both

Can be used for reminders, subscriptions, compliance, surveys, appointments, marketing

Multi tenancy – allow your customers to access and manage their reminders, reminder domains, message templates

White labelled email provider compliant – emails are not subject to being spammed out

Print service integration and push notifications

Send emails and SMS automatically based on schedules or protocols

Reporting on delivery, opens, reads, responses

Ability for a customer to respond to reminders and it be captured into for further action

Visibility for a customer on all campaigns, unsubscribes, reporting analysis and ROI

Consolidates multiple reminders into one

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