Evaluation manager

Enabling effective, accurate and configurable on-farm data collection

On-farm evaluations are an untapped opportunity for animal health pharmaceutical manufacturers to drive continuous product improvement and deepen their customer relationships. Additionality, evaluations offer countless opportunities to provide valuable advice and guidance to product end users.

However, these opportunities can only be exploited if evaluations are recorded and shared with the right stakeholders and decision makers at the right time.

Traditional methods of on-farm evaluation are either manual in nature, or overly simplistic and not able to offer the flexibility for different regions, languages and species. This results in inaccurate data collection, errors from manual errors, and delays in reporting.

Evaluation Manager is a flexible and customizable digital solution for capturing, reporting and analyzing on-farm data at scale, whatever the region, language or species.

Connecting this data across multiple sites and species means you can gain reliable and accurate insights from on farm activities that can power value add initiatives, such as:

  • Providing insightful product recommendations to end users.
  • Monitoring and guiding animal health and welfare
  • Compliance and regulatory management
  • Accurate reporting and analytics

What are the core benefits of Proagrica’s Evaluation Manager?


Improve assessments of on-farm activity

Reduce the compliance burden by capturing all the data about your pharmaceuticals and their usage in real-time.

Understand production animal behavior

Understand more about animal behavior through customized evaluations tailored to regional and species requirements.

Enhance pharmaceutical performance

Enhance product performance with research and development initiatives derived from evaluation data.

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Evaluation Manager features


Set up multiple bespoke audits tailored and configured for different activities, specific countries or different business units

The ability to query/analyze any data captured with filter functionality and customizable analytics to provide valuable insights

On and offline functionality allows for collecting on-farm data even in the remotest of locations. Collected information syncs to a master database once connectivity is restored.

Capture responses in multiple formats to ease the management and analysis your data.

Complete flexibility to shape the audits to best fit your scenario. Create as many categories and questions as necessary and group them into subcategories and logical groups.

Weight scoring functionality allows for reports to be defined and actioned to suit your timelines, priorities and business objectives.

Product development opportunities through our benchmarking and comparison functionality across species, regions and products.

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