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Save time, money and resources with FarmRite. It's your automated, on-demand data processing system


Apply your agronomic equations to your entire customer base with any deliverable they need – such as reporting on multi-year yield analyses, nutrient recs, product recs, soil test results, and much more.

FarmRite is your standard for efficiency and quality control. It allows you to process more acres and reports in less time with less stress.

Used in conjunction with Summit®, FarmRite is the ideal solution if you want to offer decision-support products. With FarmRite, you get the luxury of automation and customization. Orders are processed quickly in a matter of minutes to help you be more efficient.

How FarmRite can benefit your business


Automated batch processing

FarmRite automates your data processing to give you an end product in minutes. Plus, when you set up your product specifications in advance, you can order products from FarmRite before the data types are available. It'll just automatically process the orders when the data is received.

Customized mapbooks

With FarmRite's customized mapbooks, you get a library of records and analysis reports to help support better management decisions. You can get records of applied farm operations while revealing the details of unique zones throughout the field, and yield-determining information reports.

Field and management zone analysis

Process data by whole field or apply different agronomic equations to pre-defined management zones created within Summit. The zones can be derived from existing static zones, (such as soil types) or customized to match ongoing changes in field variability, such as yield, or in-season imagery.

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FarmRite features


FarmRite has been developed to support agronomists and their customers needs and contains key functionality to make that possible.

Automated batch processing

Customized reporting

Customer-specific agronomy equations

Efficient order processing

Secure data storage

Standardized datasets via agX®

Company-specific customization

Fertilizer recommendations

Variable rate seeding recommendations

Multi-year yield analysis

Proagrica’s FarmRite can help you answer questions like:


  • How much variability do I have in the field?
  • How can I use yield monitor data to help guide my customers this season?

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