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Simplifying data integration for organizations big or small


A common business challenge across organizations of all sizes is that of integrating disparate systems and data. The integration challenge can be found in multiple areas whether it is on-premise (between applications), in the cloud and between the cloud.

The Interlok™ Integration Framework is an event-based framework designed to enable architects to rapidly connect different applications, communication standards and data standards to deliver an integrated solution.

How Interlok™ can benefit your business



Expose and consume API’s to legacy applications through simple configuration


Capture and feed big data repositories without development through real-time data exchange


Simplified change control of the cloud integration landscape through simple and single configuration

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Interlok™ Features


Modular design supports standard enterprise integration patterns across any Interlok adaptor.

Seamless connection to hundreds of applications, data standards and communications protocols

Highly scalable both horizontally and vertically

Ability to cache data to reduce latency of repeated calls to slow or remote back end systems

Modular design supports standard Enterprise Integration Patterns across any type combination of Interlok Now Adapter or Cirrus Hub

Ability to deploy runtime components into industry standard containers (stand-alone Java, OSGI, J2EE, Sonic Management Framework)

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Interlok has been helping organizations work smarter since 2000:


  • Safely delivering over 75 million airline passengers to their destinations
  • Managing over 3 million call user records per week

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