Inventory management

Streamline your consignment stock processes

Providing a quick and easy-to-use solution for managing consignment stock


Consignment stock is administratively complex, error prone and difficult to manage which often leads to inaccurate or no visibility of sales and stock levels, and significant time needed to manage processes.

AIMS (Agriculture Inventory Management System) enables an efficient, cost effective and centralized system to manage supplier-owned stock in the retail network. The platform also integrates into existing IT systems to maximize efficiency benefits.

Have full visibility and manage product stocks in real-time and make timely decisions regarding, sales, movements, replenishments and stock optimization all in the palm of your hand with the AIMS Mobile solution.

How inventory management can benefit your business


Greater supply chain visibility of stock

Suppliers can see stock and quantity movement

Minimize errors

Provide accurate and timely data

Manage multiple stock models

Manage multiple locations within agency or consignment models

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AIMS features


Enable timely and accurate billing, replenishment and production

Allow for full integration with existing or planned back-end systems

Simple, fast and easy for users of any technical ability

Collaborative forecast - improves working capital management and prevents lost sales

Management of all stock movements: delivery, receipt, transfer, returns, etc.

AIMS Mobile inventory management in the palm of your hand

Minimize manual work, administration and errors

Email alerts to ensure diligence and timeliness

Generates compliance reports

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