Omnichannel platform

Strengthening ag retail customer relationships

An ag retail digital hub to serve as a one stop shop for grower needs, from account management to online ordering


Currently, ag retailers work through a range of different communication and sales channels with growers; a visit from the agronomist, an email with offers from the local store or a call to chase up the status of an order. The disparate nature of these channels leads to a disjointed customer experience for growers and ultimately means that sales opportunities fall through the cracks for ag retailers.

Ag retail is increasingly exploring options to go online, but is yet to define a clear strategy against the backdrop of unconnected back-end systems and online-only marketplaces.

Proagrica is the partner who can work closely with you to integrate your channels and enhance relationships with your growers by providing the seamless customer experience they now expect, while protecting sensitive product pricing information.

How the omnichannel platform can benefit your business


Customer satisfaction

Delight growers with a user-friendly, fully integrated and truly agricultural online hub

Boost sales

Remove barriers to buying and make your customer relationships stickier

Full visibility

Build a clearer picture of your customers and their behaviour to best serve their needs and avoid missed opportunities

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Omnichannel platform features


Branded interface - Front end customisation to reflect your business branding and color scheme

Flexible integration - As integration experts we can connect and integrate your current systems to bring together vital data to power grower engagement

Validation wall to view prices - Hide prices from unknown users, protect sensitive pricing information.

Apply customer-specific pricing - Manage pricing down to customer level.

Account management for growers - Access to all account information and history in one accessible and easy to use location.

Pay by account and prepayment - Supports paying on account, or through a prepay balance, and provides account visibility.

24/7 order status visibility - Growers can access account and order information at any time through the online platform.

Integrate agronomist proposals as orders - Link to agronomy tools, such as Sirrus, to provide a fully integrated solution from advice to order.

Dynamic product catalogue with factsheets and images - Provide all the product information your customers require.

Pre-register existing customers - Enable a smooth deployment to your customer base

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