Payment services

Manage and pay your rebates, disbursements and subscriptions

An integrated platform that makes all types and channels of business payments simple, fast and secure


Managing cheque payments, subscription and disbursement payments is a complex and time-consuming process. Maintaining the correct security protocols can place a burden of risk on your financial department and inaccurate payments can put an unnecessary strain on customer relationships.

Proagrica’s payment services offer approval and audit trails, faster, more accurate processing, increased operational efficiency with automated payment processing, flexible payment options and full traceability of payments.

The payment services offer payment to end customer via Check, ACH, direct debit, credit card or wire transfer. It has full audit and compliance processes, Escheat processes and conforms to all international data protection and privacy requirements.

How payment services can benefit your business


Greater visibility

See your businesses financial commitment at a glance with reporting and dashboard overviews


Fast, accurate and automated payment processing delivered on time helps maintain good customer relationships. Full audit and statement for customer enquiries


Time spent on complex processing tasks can be reallocated to more valuable tasks

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Payment services features


Automated processing of payment

Reminders on subscriptions at differing time intervals

Payment options – credit card, ACH, direct debit, wire transfers, Check printing and payment with statements

Escheatment processing and management

Authorization processes

Reconciliation processes

Full financial reporting

Integrates with Proagrica’s Rebate Manager or customers rebate management system or customer data

Cost reduction analysis in payment options and consolidation of processes

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